"Have you ever met someone and your world changes in a few moments? That's what Kenji is for the world. He simply expands your world with his spaciousness.

And you think that's plenty -- then he adds his amazing activations and deep energetic transmissions with a sense of humility and you know you truly are limitless. His activations remind you who and what you really are so you can be infinite in today's limited world.

I'm sooooooo grateful for the amazing teachers that have changed my world and Kenji is among my favorites."

Jeneth Blackert
The Change Agent

Philosophy of Quantum Lightweaving ®:
Accessing and becoming extra-ordinary states of consciousness beyond 3rd-4th dimensional understanding. Evolving and spontaneous presentation of matrixes, morphogenic fields, magnetic fields and nano-fields beyond our usual frame of reference for complete healing, transformation, awakening and enlightenment. The Quantum is a place of many possibilities and potentials in the Now, which is our place of personal and galactic power.
QL teaches the direct experience of “letting go” and releasing old energetic habits (surrender, giving up) and gives you a feeling sense of what it is like to be “there”. Receiving “the Wave” means to accept, embody and express all that you are. The wave clears but it is not separate from you. You are this wave of love, light, consciousness, knowledge, and divine harmony.

What QL isn’t?
It is not therapy or processing or taking away another’s karma, pain or stress in the traditional sense. We do not work on curing symptoms nor do we promote co-dependency. Rather, we encourage self-sufficiency, self-responsibility, self-creation and self-empowerment of the heart, mind and spirit. It is not a step-by-step process taking from a manual or protocol in the traditional sense. We build energetic structures to house and maintain quantum awareness in the body.

The Perspective:
Looking at a new perspective, QL is about developing trust, faith and intuition as it clears unconscious resistance, fear and doubt at its core. QL is about spontaneous expression of one’s inherent gifts, talents and abilities in divine balance and harmony. It is about embodying one’s soul presence and light in the body and in the marketplace. We build a strong mind and body by accessing the Whole, then understanding the parts that make up that whole.

Our Outcome:
Enlightened living, balanced expression of emotions and thoughts and awareness of the Now in each moment. Unity consciousness and witnessing the light in everyone and everything. Joyous expression of the divine inner child at play and at-one-ment. Each individual will experience the Waves in their unique way. The benefits of QL are lasting, permanent and on going, for each wave builds upon the others. We hold the state of moving beyond the “healing crisis” concept and the unlayering of the onion analogy.

Through a meditative process, we receive attunement, activations and initiations along the spiritual path from those that guide and bring forth the energetics of QL. We build, in meditation and soul journeying, energetic templates, frames of reference, access to deeper realms of Spirit and grounding in balance and harmony for the expression of the soul and I AM, the lord god of your being. We create an alternative learning environment that goes beyond traditional thinking and problem-solving to a place of spontaneous integration of what is present in the Now moment according to the overall awareness of the group or individual. We address the 4 major learning styles through visual arts, movement re-education, listening to music and practicing touching sacred points on the body through triad exercises. Group sharing culminates the healing and integration process. Spirit re-configures all you are able to handle and integrate. We use humor, laughter, asking questions to the super conscious, demonstration of the work in action and other tools that elicit instantaneous response and creativity.

Who QL can help?
If you are looking for the missing piece to your life, your practice, your business, your relationships. Or,
If you are wanting to deeply connect with your genius, your spiritual gifts, and your talents. Or,
If you are wanting to find that place within that is peace, calm, serenity, relaxed and happy. Or,
If you want to walk and talk with angels and masters again. Or,
If you are desiring the experience of “coming home” and the re-connection. Or,
If you are wanting to find joy, love, bliss and oneness within self. Or,

If you want to completely heal and recover from the idea of “original sin”, original separation from God, birth trauma or early childhood pain and/or from feeling abandoned, left alone or neglected, then this work may be right up your alley.

How can QL help me?
QL can help you by offering the state of collapsing all old patterns, beliefs, emotions, ideas, concepts that are no longer relevant or supportive to your life. It can help you to re-construct your energy matrixes and light bodies in order for you to hold divine balance and harmony within. It can offer you the experience of divine connection, inner peace and tranquility. It can hold the state of your soul-infused embodiment. It can offer you to hold the flow of consciousness as an ever-growing light stream of awareness that can never be broken again. QL can assist you to bring forth your soul destiny, gifts of the spirit, and your enlightened awareness of your Being-ness. It can help you to remember Home.

How can I use QL?
You can use the ideas of QL in raising your children, in running your business, in enhancing the power of your healing/counseling/teaching modalities, in accessing answers to your questions, in problem-solving, in meditation, yoga and prayer. It all depends on your level of creative thinking how you will use these quantum ideas that change is right now and no need to process.

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